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PRE-ORDER Package Deal ENDED. BUT, we still have something special to give just for Buying the Book today! Check this out 》》 If you're seeking RESULTS that gives lasting relief from spinning out anxiety, depression or stress, this is the book for you. Dealing with anxiety can flip our day inside out or upside down, and when its down, seems like time flew super fast or the reverse. Hey! Anxiety, stress, and depression has hit America like an atomic Bomb. Thankfully, there’s a viable road map for alleviating these issues. K.A.L.I Kill Anxiety Live Immensely from author, and #1 Spiritual Life Coach, Najaam P Lee, provides a strategy for battling with and healing from anxiety. Does insomnia kick-in when constant worries fill your thoughts? Is fear like a cloud lingering over your dreams you want to achieve? Can you use some peace and tranquility in your life right now? If you answered YES! you are not alone. Anxiety has always hidden in the shadows of every human being until Social Media blew it up. This bomb brought awareness to a vastness in the area of anxiety, that 40 million adults in the U.S. alone are suffering from anxiety; 6.8 million adults affected by G.A.D. which is generalized anxiety disorder, yet only 43.2% are receiving treatment. This lead Najaam on a quest to understanding her own struggles and a wild encounter with Hindu goddess Kali Ma showing the way to overcoming and taking back her power! Our beautiful and amazing Visitors, Guests and Subscribers will recieve a custom designed Bookmark created by Najaam P Lee, in their book order. : A book mark A magical blessing Place your order now. We only have a small amount of bookmarks left. Hurry to get yours now. PLUS, as a package you get the new CountDown to Meditation audio. 




Publisher: Najaam P Lee. Copyright: © 2019 Language: English Country: United States Keywords: najaamlee, emotional selfhelp, blackgoddess, love this book, everywoman, openminded, heal thyself, bodymind, battling anxiety, goddesskali, mahadev, mentalhealthmatters, socialanxiety, invisible illness, madurga, spiritualism, life changing, kali chanting License: Standard Copyright License


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    ISBN:   9780359898671

    Copyright:   NL Art Publishing (Standard Copyright License)

    Edition:   First Edition

    Publisher:    Najaam P Lee.

    Published:   September 5, 2019

    Language:   English

    Pages:   86

    Binding:   Perfect-bound Paperback

    Interior Ink:   Full color

    Weight:   0.87 lbs.

    Dimensions (inches):   8.5 wide x 11 tall

    Product ID:   24236506



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